Merchant Cash And Capital

A merchant cash and capital advance isn’t necessarily a loan, but an advance on future credit card sales. They are not paid back with fixed payments, but are paid back with a certain percentage of each and every credit card sale.

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Reasons For Merchant Cash And Capital Advance

  • Company expansion or renovation
  • Inventory purchase
  • Down payment
  • Acquisition
  • Short
  • cash flow shortfall
  • Equipment purchase
  • Buyout

Requirements For Merchant Cash And Capital Advance

  • You must have been in business for at least 12 months with 6 months of ownership
  • You merchant account must be with Capital Bankcard
  • You must process at least $4K per month, provide 4 months of processing statements, and 2 months of recent bank statements
  • Trade references are required
  • Personal guarantee on repayment is required
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